Columbia Power uses the income from our facilities to:

  • Pay dividends to our shareholder, the Province of BC
  • Reinvest in project development, including Waneta Expansion, currently under construction
  • Sponsor community groups and events
  • Offer bursaries and scholarships to secondary schools and community colleges
  • Develop and deliver environmental stewardship programs

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Financial Information Act

The consolidated financial statements of Columbia Power Corporation (Columbia Power) have been prepared by management in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles and fairly present Columbia Power’s consolidated financial position and results of operations. The integrity of the information presented in the consolidated financial statements, including estimates and judgements relating to matters not concluded by fiscal year end, is the responsibility of management.

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Quarterly Reports

Columbia Power makes its quarterly reports available on this website to keep the public informed of our progress throughout the year.




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Annual Reports + Service Plans

Each year, Columbia Power prepares an Annual Report and Service Plan. The annual report is a reflection of the Service Plan and Government’s Letter of Expectations. The Service Plan is prepared in accordance with the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act and outlines Columbia Power’s performance measures for the next three years.

Annual Reports

Service Plans

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Statement Of Executive Compensation – Fiscal Year 2013/2014

To ensure transparency and accountability, Columbia Power – as a Crown corporation – is responsible for reporting the major elements of compensation for its executives. The Statement of Executive Compensation provides an explanation of our compensation philosophy, the objectives of our compensation program and what it is designed to reward, and how the performance payments for the top five executives relate to the organization’s performance target.

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