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Bidding Opportunities: Open Bids or Requests

Welcome to Columbia Power’s Bidding Opportunities information page. Active procurement opportunities may be downloaded directly from BC Bid, see to view current opportunities.

Responses to procurement opportunities must be returned Columbia Power’s Procurement Department as detailed in the procurement opportunity (usually in a sealed envelope or package not later than the “Closing Date and Time” set out in the procurement opportunity). The Procurement Department generally does not accept responses via Internet, email, or fax unless the procurement opportunity specifically states one or more of these modes of response is acceptable. The procurement opportunity documents will not be made available in hard copy, CD, or memory stick format in addition to an electronic posting on this website or BC Bid unless specifically stated in the procurement opportunity documents.

All Contracts and Purchase Orders with Columbia Power are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


Questions about a procurement opportunity shall be submitted to Columbia Power Procurement by fax to 250.304.6083, or by email at within the timeframe identified in the procurement opportunity, specifying the name and reference number of the procurement opportunity.

Columbia Power Procurement, at its sole discretion, may post questions and answers to a specific opportunity on a web page in the form of a numbered questions and answers addendum. It is the sole responsibility of any Respondent to regularly check the individual web page for addenda, questions and answers, clarifications, and amendments. Columbia Power Procurement may not respond to procurement opportunity questions less than five (5) days before the “Closing Date and Time”.

Procurement Opportunity Results

Columbia Power Procurement, at its sole discretion, may post the name of the successful respondent on this website.

Ownership of Documents

All procurement opportunity documents issued by Columbia Power are the property of Columbia Power and may not be copied, or sold to other parties without the express authorization of the Manager, Procurement and Contracts.

Altering of Documents

Respondents must not electronically alter any portion of downloaded procurement opportunity documents with the exception of adding the information requested. Any document modification or markup will invalidate the Respondent’s response.


Vendors are advised that it is their responsibility to ensure that any transmission made be Columbia Power Corporation is successful and complete, and neither Columbia Power Corporation, nor any of its directors, officers, agents, representatives, or employees shall have any liability whatsoever in the event that any such transmission is unsuccessful or incomplete.

Environment, Health & Safety Incident Reporting

The two forms below may be applicable to contractors who are currently under contract with Columbia Power.

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