Socio-Economic Monitoring

Independent Third Party Monitoring

In order to monitor and report on the social and economic benefits associated with the construction of each major construction project, Columbia Power engages an independent, third party socio-economic monitor (the monitor) during the project.

Potential socio-economic benefits are identified in the project approval phase, as part of the environmental assessment process. Monitoring of ongoing socio-economic benefits and impacts are undertaken as a condition of project approval. By looking at a range of indicators, the monitor can gauge the impact a project has on the local community and region (within 100 km radius of the project site). The monitor looks at a number of various factors and indicators including employment, wage income, expenditures, economic development, traffic, health and safety, housing, population, recreation and community services. The monitor is flexible and has the ability to monitor specific factors and indicators that emerge during a project.

The objectives of socio-economic monitoring are to:

  • Facilitate communication between community stakeholders, agencies and Columbia Power concerning ongoing impact management issues;
  • Conduct ongoing measurement of, and reporting on, the actual regional socio-economic impacts of the projects construction and operation, in order to facilitate ongoing impact management; and
  • Document the effectiveness of the proponents’ efforts to minimize negative impacts and maximize project benefit to the region.

Reports are prepared by the monitor quarterly and annually. Once the project is complete a final report is produced. Reports are posted to Columbia Power’s website when available.

Socio-Economic Monitoring Reports

Waneta Expansion Project

Brilliant Expansion Generating Station

Arrow Lakes Generating Station

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