BC Hydro

Columbia Power + BC Hydro

During 2012, Columbia Power has worked with BC Hydro to determine ways in which the two corporations could identify opportunities to develop projects together. In October 2012, Columbia Power and BC Hydro signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work collaboratively on new project development and established a joint development committee with representatives from both organizations.

In 2012/13 Columbia Power continued the Arrow Lakes Boat Ramp Projects, constructing three boat launch facilities on the Arrow Lakes Reservoir on behalf of BC Hydro. The projects include replacement of the Nakusp ramp, a new ramp at Anderson Point, and upgrades to the existing Edgewood boat ramp. The ramps will be available for public use in 2013 and completed in 2014.

Columbia Power also has long-term power purchase agreements in place with BC Hydro for the Arrow Lakes Generating Station and the Brilliant Expansion Generating Station. BC Hydro also acts as the dispatch operator for the Arrow Lakes Generating Station.

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