Arrow Lakes Boat Ramp Projects


On behalf of BC Hydro, Columbia Power has completed the construction of three boat ramp projects on the Arrow Lakes Reservoir.

These projects included:

The boat ramp designs were developed by BC Hydro with input from stakeholders, including local communities. Columbia Power managed the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, and worked with stakeholders throughout construction.

BC Hydro operates and maintains the boat ramps for recreational use.


Nakusp Boat Ramp Replacement Project


Installation of the new boat ramp in the Village of Nakusp was completed to 423.6 m using a coffer dam in 2015. Work included the removal of the old wooden trestle ramp and the installation of a concrete ramp, aluminum gangway and new cable system.

Anderson Point Boat Ramp


The Anderson Point Boat Ramp Project is located approximately 1 hour north of Castlegar and is the most remotely located of the three projects. It saw the development of a new facility where only limited launching access existed before. Work included the installation of a concrete ramp, piles, a floating walkway, a floating breakwater and a toilet facility as well as road and parking lot upgrades.

Edgewood Boat Ramp Improvement Project


The Edgewood Boat Ramp Improvement Project is located in Eagle Creek Provincial Park, very close to the community of Edgewood. Work included the addition of a floating walkway, piles and two floating breakwaters, along with placement of grouted riprap at the toe of the existing ramp to improve drivability.

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