Elko Redevelopment Project


The Elko Dam & Generating Station, owned and operated by BC Hydro, is located on the Elk River in the southeast corner of British Columbia approximately 60 km southeast of Cranbrook and 25 km south of Fernie. The Elko Dam & Generating Station was completed in 1925 by the East Kootenay Power Company and was acquired by BC Hydro in 1968.

The Elko Dam & Generating Station contains two vertical axis Francis turbines with a combined design output of 12 MW and licensed flow capacity of 25.5 m³/s. The gross head developed by the Elko facility is approximately 65 metres and the mean annual discharge for the Elk River at Elko Dam is 61 m³/s.

While improvements have been made to the facility, some of the major equipment is original and reaching end of service life.

In 2014, BC Hydro asked Columbia Power Corporation (Columbia Power) to conduct a study of the options for the Elko Dam & Generating Station. BC Hydro and Columbia Power are currently analyzing the results of the study.

Project Update

After analyzing the results of the Elko Dam & Generating Station study, the option that has been selected is deferral of the project. Deferral was selected as BC Hydro determined that, based on current forecasts, it will not have an energy need when the project was scheduled to come into service.

In the future, when there is a need for additional energy, and as part of BC Hydro’s Integrated Resource Plan process, the redevelopment options for the Elko facility will be revisited.

BC Hydro will continue to operate the Elko dam and spillway and ensure the facility is maintained to mitigate any safety or environmental concerns.

For additional information, please contact:

Diane Tammen
Community Relations Manager, East Kootenay
Phone: 250 489 6862
Cell: 250 489 9051
Email: diane.tammen@bchydro.com

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