Corporate Governance

Governance of Columbia Power

Governance is the set of principles and processes that direct and control Columbia Power. Governance includes:

  • the relationship between the Columbia Power Board of Directors, Columbia Power management, the Columbia Basin Trust (the Trust), Columbia Power stakeholder and the Columbia Power shareholder (the Province),
  • the division of responsibilities between the Board of Directors, management, residents and the shareholder, and
  • the execution of responsibilities related to Columbia Power.

In order to carry out its mission and remain an accountable organization, Columbia Power establishes and follows sound governance principles. The Board of Directors is committed to effective and responsible governance.

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Governance Principles

The authorized number of Directors of the Corporation is four, all appointed by the Province of British Columbia and independent of management. As stewards of the Corporation, the Directors are committed to overseeing the conduct of the Corporation’s business, applying the following governance principles:

Integrity: Best Interests of the Corporation

The Directors will act with honesty and integrity, with a view to the best interests of the Corporation, recognizing their role in setting the ethical tone for the entire organization.

Direction with Oversight: Support Management

The Directors will provide oversight and support to management to enable management to carry out their role without undue encroachment from the Board.

Commitment: Well-Informed Decision-Making

Each Director will be committed to developing a strong understanding of the Corporation, its business, principal risks and strategic direction.

Skill Development: Continuous Improvement

The Board will strive to identify and attract the combination of skills and characteristics among its Directors that are essential to providing high quality oversight to management. This will involve orientation of new Directors and measures designed to continuously improve the skills and competencies of all Directors.


The Directors, having regard for the need to maintain confidentiality where appropriate, will communicate decisions and policies promptly and clearly within the organization and to others whose interests are affected.


The Directors will conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of each other and of the interests of the Corporation’s stakeholders.

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Board Of Directors

See Board of Directors for profiles of Columbia Power’s Directors.

Board/Committee Members Board/Committee Role
Board of Directors CHAIR John Stephens
VICE CHAIR Alison MacLeod
Les MacLaren
David de Git
The Board has a primary responsibility to foster the Corporation’s short-and long-term success; consistent with the Board’s responsibility to the Corporation’s shareholder, the Province of British Columbia, while giving consideration to the legitimate interests held by other stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the public.The Directors are stewards of the Corporation. The Board has the responsibility to oversee the conduct of the Corporation’s business and management, which is responsible for the day-to-day operation. In overseeing the conduct of the business, the Board, through the President and Chief Executive Officer will set the standards of conduct for the Corporation.
Finance and Audit Committee CHAIR David de Git The Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for financial and compliance oversight.
Contractor Oversight and Governance Committee CHAIR Les MacLaren The Contractor Oversight and Governance Committee is responsible for providing a focus on governance that will enhance Columbia Power’s performance.
Operations Committee CHAIR Alison MacLeod The Operations Committee assists the Board in its oversight responsibilities with respect to the operations of the Corporation’s facilities.

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The Corporation is in compliance with the Board Resourcing and Development Office’s Board disclosure requirements for Crown corporations. Visit to learn more about the Province of British Columbia’s Board Resourcing and Development Office.

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Mandate Letter

Each year, Columbia Power receives the Mandate Letter  (the “letter”) which sets out the corporate mandate, including high-level performance expectations, public policy issues and strategic priorities. The letter directs the Corporation to conduct its operations and financial activities in a manner consistent with the legislative, regulatory and policy framework established by government. In addition, the letter directs Columbia Power to conduct its affairs to achieve the objectives of the Shareholder in a manner consistent with the Shareholder’s general and specific directions.

The letter is an agreement between the Ministry of Finance and outlines their respective roles and responsibilities. The letter is the basis for the development of the Corporation’s Service Plan and Annual Report.

Pursuant to the letter, the Board Chair communicates regularly with the Minister Responsible or with representatives of the Ministry, to report on implementation of the letter. As required by the letter and the Financial Administration Act, the Corporation posts on its website its annual report, annual Financial Information Act report, and interim financial reports on a quarterly basis. The Auditor General of British Columbia is the external auditor for the Corporation.

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Freedom Of Information

Columbia Power is compliant with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA). Visit to learn more.

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Governance Terms of Reference + Guidelines

Terms of Reference


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