Environmental Stewardship


Our objective, as captured in our Environmental Policy, is to operate and maintain commercially viable, environmentally sound, hydroelectric facilities for the benefit of the Province and the residents of the Columbia Basin. The operation and maintenance of the projects will be conducted in a manner that protects essential ecological processes and biodiversity. Columbia Power has implemented an Environmental, Health & Safety Management System that is consistent with ISO 14001.

All of the Columbia Power projects have undergone a rigorous environmental assessment process that identify potential environmental impacts and result in a series of commitments to mitigate or compensate for those potential impacts. These commitments were incorporated into the regulatory approvals for each hydroelectricity project. These commitments include measures to avoid impacts through project design, mitigation measures that were incorporated in the construction environmental management plans, post project environmental monitoring programs, and where impacts were unavoidable, environmental compensation programs. We believe our projects are having an overall net positive environmental impact. This has been recognized with the Blue Planet Award at Arrow Lakes Generating Station and the EcoLogo certification at Brilliant Expansion Generating Station.

Columbia Power takes pride in working to develop a culture of Corporate Sustainability with initiatives to encourage awareness and opportunities for staff and community engagement. We are actively involved with stakeholders on environmental issues associated with our projects. Columbia Power also supports local environmental groups and initiatives.

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