Brilliant Dam + Generating Station


Once the Brilliant Dam and Generating Station were purchased from Cominco (now Teck) in 1996 they underwent a variety of capital upgrades including a generation repowering life extension program. This program increased powerhouse capacity at the Brilliant Generation Station resulting in less water spill therefore reducing downstream gas super saturation levels which is harmful to fish.

Environmental Programs as a Result of the Brilliant Dam + Generating Station

Kootenay Lake Kokanee Shoal Spawning Study

Columbia Power, BC Hydro and FortisBC are jointly monitoring Kokanee shoal spawning on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. Kokanee redds become dewatered when Kootenay Lake levels are lowered between spawning (Sept/Oct) and emergence (Feb/Mar). The results of the study are used to inform water management decisions on the Kootenay system. Participation in this study is through the Columbia Operations Fisheries Advisory Committee.

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